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You deserve the best for your wedding day.

Your dress should get the best treatment, too.

From bridal shopping with your friends and family to marrying your best friend, your dress has been through everything with you. Whether you chose it, or it chose you, your dress holds special meaning.

Preserve Your Dress is dedicated to making sure your dress lasts a lifetime. With our Association of Wedding Gowns Specialists certified cleaner, we make sure your dress looks as good as the day you first tried it on.


Preserve Every Memento

Preservation doesn’t stop at the dress. Our experts can clean shoes, veils, gloves, garters, accessories— even bachelorette party wear! See more on our pricing page.




You’re not the only one stressed at the wedding! Bridal dresses are subjected to considerable stress during a typical wedding — but they’re designed for show, not durability. Rips, tears and pulls, loose beading and detail work, weakened seams and hems… all of these are subject to worsen during the cleaning and prep process. It can even ruin a dress.

Since we know your dress will require repair and extra special attention, we price it that way from the beginning. No surprises about extra costs and delays for normal wear and tear. Preserve Your Dress cares passionately about your dress, and you, and we’ll treat you both with respect.



Our expert cleaning services are performed by Browns Cleaners, a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. They provide an exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. So, if your daughter wants to wear your beautiful gown on her wedding day, and you find that after 25 years the dress has yellowed a bit, it will be cleaned, pressed and re-boxed for free.

The patented process and expert care provided by Association of Wedding Gown Specialists members ensures top quality work — that they stand behind, for life. Your dress helped you through a lifelong dream, now you can return the favor.


Little in this world is more important than your wedding, except maybe the world itself. Looking after our planet is everyone’s responsibility, and one that we take very seriously.

Browns Cleaners is green. They use very effective, textile delicate, and environmentally friendly processes and products. Cleaning solutions such as Green Earth, the only cleaning solution tested and approved as environmentally friendly by Environment Canada. To offset the environmental impact of packaging, contributions to carbonfund.org are made. Every Preserve Your Dress bridal dress preservation is carbon-neutral.



Our cleaning and preservation process is so thorough, so good and so proven, that we know you will be pleased. Browns Cleaners has cleaned thousands of bridal gowns over the years. We’ve worked with them to ensure that online clients receive the same high-quality service.

In fact, it’s even better. Preserve Your Dress makes sure that you are kept in the loop as your dress progresses through its spa treatment. You’ll even see Before and After photos before the dress is expertly boxed, sealed and sent back to your loving arms.