5 Ideas to Raise Money for Charity on Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the day that best represents you and your partner, the commitment that you are making to one another, and what you value most! Incorporating charity into your wedding is a great way to do something unique and different and make a change in the world! For many brides, having a wedding is something they’ve dreamed of forever. Even though the wedding planning process is difficult, the end result will be amazing, especially if you stay true to yourself and what you want!

Helping others and changing lives on the day that your life is going to change forever adds an extra touch. You will remember this day not only because it symbolizes the love you share for your partner but because you were able to make a difference and put a smile on somebody’s face. Here are five ideas you can use to give back on your big day!

1. Gift Registry

Instead of having a typical gift registry, you can pick your favourite charity or organization and ask your guests to donate to the cause! You can even choose a variety of charities that you love and create a list of options for your guests! A gift registry is a great way to give back!

2. Party Favours

Another way you can give back on your wedding day is by asking all the people in your wedding party about their favourite charity and donating an amount of money in their name as a party favour!

3. Guest Favours

The little mementos on the tables during the wedding reception are really cute but lets face it, nobody is coming to your wedding expecting a gift! Ask your guests a year from now if they still have that memento from your wedding day. We bet they won’t! Search for an organization that gives back. Ten Thousand Villages, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on building long-term relationships with

artisans in developing countries is a great example. The organization sells fairly traded products and you can purchase mementos knowing you are making a difference!

4. Flowers

Flowers are beautiful. It’s such a shame that they will be thrown away after your wedding day is over! Instead of throwing out your flowers, you can donate the leftovers to a retirement home or a hospital! How wonderful would it be to brighten somebody else’s day and put a smile on their face? It’s just good karma!

5. Your Wedding Dress

Another great way to give back is by donating your wedding dress to someone in need or an organization that gives back like The Brides Project in Toronto, or the Valley Cinderella Project or The Giver! I know, I know… You are just planning your wedding and the thought of giving it away is probably giving you a heart attack… It’s just an idea!

Giving back is great and if you can incorporate it into your wedding, that’s amazing! There’s no better feeling than knowing you are making a difference. What better day to do this than on your wedding day!


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