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Though weddings are traditional rites of passage, they continue to evolve. Now, more than ever before, you can make it your own! That can mean anything from integrating meaningful, heirloom pieces into your big day to preserving your new gown for future generations. From the new to the traditional, we understand every choice and detail is special and personal. Let us help you embrace your perfect wedding experience.

Something Old

A short history of bridal gowns.

Brides have been wearing special dresses on their wedding day for centuries.

In western tradition, you might be surprised to know that the white wedding dress only came into popularity quite recently, as late as Victorian England. Prior to that, most brides actually wore a variety of colours in the most lavish styles and fabrics their family could afford. And, blue, rather than white, once symbolized purity and innocence.

Beginning your legacy.

Though your wedding day is largely about looking to the future, it’s also about acknowledging the important ties of your past. More than that, it is about the symbolic coming-together of two families. As you make this important commitment, you are not only creating a lasting union between families, you are beginning a new family, all your own!

When deciding to preserve your wedding dress, you’re choosing to honour the beginning of your family legacy. Making this choice for your children (and their children) is one of the most precious gifts you can give.

Preserve your wedding gown to give your future family a sense of connection to their roots and to ensure that your family’s legacy lives on.

Something New

Preparing for your wedding day is exciting. It’s a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s about boldly heading toward your future with your partner, hand in hand.
Every wedding should have something new to symbolize the start of your new life together.

Your new dress symbolizes how you saw yourself before — but even more than that, who you envision yourself becoming, together with your partner, in the future.

Set the foundation for your bright, new future by ensuring your wedding dress stays as spotless, dazzling, and perfectly pressed as it did the moment you put it on.

Something Borrowed

There is a lot of joy in sharing and spreading the love you feel on your wedding day, even after the fact!

If you’re planning to donate, lend, or sell your wedding dress, you are probably doing it with the hope that the happiness you felt on your wedding day is passed on to the next bride. This beautiful wish as well as a desire to share a connection with the new bride is more common than ever.

Rather than a full preservation, you might be more interested in our cleaning and pressing services!

If you are thinking of selling your dress, consider www.preownedweddingdresses.com, a popular site that makes selling your wedding dress fun and easy.

If you’re thinking of donating your dress take a look at your local Salvation Army or The Brides Project — a discounted wedding dress boutique that gives all profits from the sale of its donated dresses to cancer charities. If you live in Ottawa, you can choose to drop off your gently-used, non-white, formal wedding dress, shoes, purse, jewellery, unopened cosmetics and hosiery at a Browns location on behalf of Fairy Godmother of Ottawa – an organization that provides prom attire to high school seniors who are unable purchase it themselves.

Something Blue

We’re that something blue you’re missing.

Blue is Browns Cleaners’ signature colour – it represents the loyalty and trust that we’ve built over more than 50 years.

You can trust us to take care of the extras, too!

We can expertly clean the delicate accessories that made you feel beautiful on your wedding day and preserve them along with your dress! These extra pieces may include your veil, train, wedding shoes, shawl, gloves, and even tiara. If you have a special request, please contact us and we’ll do out best to accommodate you.

We love weddings.

They are days for celebrating family and love. As a close family, we’ve always understood the importance of family and of the love stories, like yours, that join them together. That is why we feel honoured to be a part of your love story, so much so, that we promise to provide you with the same caring service we do our own family.