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INFOGRAPHIC: Wedding Dress Fun Facts!

Did you know the English believe that a spider found in a wedding dress actually means good luck for the bride on her wedding day? How about the price of the world most expensive wedding dress in history? This infographic created for Browns Cleaners features all sorts of fascinating facts and stats such as these, all about famous wedding dresses through history! Have a look:

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Hosting a Green Wedding is Easier Than You Think!

‘Going green’ isn’t just a trend anymore – it’s become a social obligation. People of all walks of life are realizing that if we don’t work together to reduce our carbon footprints and preserve the planet for the next generation, there won’t be much of a planet left to leave. Big events like wedding ceremonies and receptions that incorporate lots of food, drink, entertainment, or gift-wrap for instance, can easily produce big amounts of unnecessary waste. Have a hard time [...]

Our 5 Fav Famous Canadian Weddings

When the world thinks of famous weddings, it seems we often default to those of American celebrities, or American politicians, or the British Royal family. But here in Canada (whether the international press community notices or not), we’ve had our fair share of star studded matrimonies, too – and we’ve got the photographic evidence to prove it. This week we thought it would be fun to take a look back through time in Canada at some of the most memorable [...]

Silk & Lace & Embroidery, oh my!

Over the years as culture evolves, so much of what constitutes a wedding has changed. Colour schemes change, our typical “first dance” music has changed, and how we document the big day has changed. One of the few constants, however, is how much importance we place on the dress. The beauty is often in the detail. As you’ve probably noticed, seldom will a seamstress spare the details when it comes to customizing the most important dress a woman will wear in [...]

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Why Preserve Your Dress with PYD?

Tying the knot is a magnificent moment in any bride’s life. Indefinitely you’ll reflect on this day for years to come. But as much as we may try to freeze-frame the day in our mind’s eye forever, clinging to every fleeting moment for a lifetime isn’t easy. That’s why so many of us seek tangible nostalgia to bring us back to that place – that place where stories were shared, memories were made, tastes, scents and smells of carefully orchestrated décor [...]

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3 Ways to Build Your Vintage Chic Wedding

There’s something so tasteful and captivating about vintage weddings. From 1960s pastel colour backdrops, to charming, 1930s rustic-inspired design schemes, to turn-of-the-century pearls, bowties and top hat style. This trendsetting concept is beautiful and versatile, and allows you to embrace virtually any era that suits you and your beau. Another great aspect of the vintage theme, is that this gives you the opportunity to integrate your own family traditions and heirlooms. No matter where you and your partner joined your [...]

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