Preservation 101: Why Preservation?

Preservation has multiple purposes in the wedding dress process, which is why many brides choose it (and many bridal party members or otherwise close friends give it as gifts!). After you’ve made so many memories with the dress and spent so long shopping, getting alterations, and wearing it for your wedding day, preservation allows you [...]


True Rustic Love. For all our country lovers, Rustic designs are in!

When it comes to weddings, what does rustic mean? Is it a trend or a style? It is definitely easy to say it is a new style of weddings and it is one of the hottest trends for styles right now! It makes our hearts throb with the creativity, elegance, beauty and unique looks it [...]


Designer Wedding Dresses for Less? I’m in!

A lot of people are torn when searching for their wedding dresses. Getting married is once in a lifetime. You want everything to look absolutely perfect! The most important part of a wedding for many brides is their dress. Once a bride finds her dress, everything just seems to fall into place…but, they are EXPENSIVE. [...]


5 Ideas to Raise Money for Charity on Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the day that best represents you and your partner, the commitment that you are making to one another, and what you value most! Incorporating charity into your wedding is a great way to do something unique and different and make a change in the world! For many brides, having a wedding [...]


Canadian couple cancels wedding to sponsor Syrian refugees

Sometimes an act of kindness goes a long way. Especially these days when it’s getting more and more difficult to turn on the news and hear something positive. The devastating events in Paris, Beirut, and all around the world have left many questions unanswered and many hearts broken. A heart wrenching quote by Warsan Shire [...]


Are you Stuck? An Awesome Tool When Planning a Wedding!

  The is a great resource for newly engaged couples to check out when starting the wedding planning process. The website is beautiful and perfect for that bride who needs information on what it takes to plan a wedding and any bride who wants to add a unique or personal touch to her special [...]