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• Professional Deep Care Cleaning
• Before & After pictures of your wedding dress
• Return shipping and delivery

Whether you’re prepping your gown for your big day, selling it online, or giving it to a friend, family member, or charity, cleaning your dress is a highly-specialized process.

Our attentive cleaning specialists will ensure that it is returned to you in beautiful condition: thoroughly cleaned, true-to-colour and size, and perfectly pressed. All of this requires a detailed multi-step process – and we can keep you updated through your dress’s journey.

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Choose your service

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Fill out our easy-to-use form: Select “Pristine Cleaning,” the applicable add-ons, and your shipping options. A purchase confirmation email will be sent to you with shipping information and details. We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve received your dress, and keep you up-to-date with its progress.

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Once it arrives, our seamstress Grazyna and our cleaning specialist Sonny will go over your dress. Highly detail-oriented, they have spent 25 years in the industry and years specializing in wedding dress cleaning and preservation.First, she will see if everything on the form matches the dress. If she finds something minor (for example, a few loose beads) she will be happy to take care of it. Sonny makes notes of all stains for pre-treating to ensure the dress will be like new after cleaning. If it is major, we will notify you if there is a change in price. We will never charge you extra without your consent.

Once completed, both will sign off on the form. Sonny will oversee the rest of your gown’s journey to beautification and preservation.

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The Before Pictures

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Whether it’s ready for its close-up or not, we’ll snap a few Before pictures of your dress at our cleaning facility and send you an email update with these pictures and information about the inspection. Please Note: By using any of our services, you consent to pictures of your dress being used anonymously for marketing purposes.

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The Sewing Department

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Before a dress can be cleaned, it must be prepared. Every inch of your dress will be inspected for damage that will be meticulously repaired– cleaning a damaged gown can worsen the damage and cause more harm. Our sewing department will then make minor repairs (such as loose beads, small tear in the seam and fallen hem). In order to protect the more delicate pieces of your dress (such as fragile beading and appliqués) during cleaning, our seamstresses will carefully sew material over these areas.

Your dress is (literally) in good hands! Our seamstresses have more than 20 years of experience and impeccable service. They have earned the appreciation of many brides over the years, and received more than a few letters of appreciation!

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Pre-spotting Process

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Before the full cleaning process begins, nearly invisible sugar-stains caused by spills on your dress are carefully treated. Left untreated, sugar stains can turn into brown spots on the dress over time. This anti-sugar treatment is part of MuseumCare™ and is exclusive to Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™. Many cleaners don’t have the expertise to remove these hidden stains effectively (but, don’t worry, we do!).

Visible stains such as coffee, red wine, dirt and grease off the floor from dancing all night will be treated by hand.

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The Big Clean

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Silk Dress
If your dress is silk it will be cleaned with GreenEarth Cleaning: a gentle process that uses the only clothes cleaning solvent approved by Environment Canada. You will receive an email update when steps 4 and 5 are complete and this process has begun.

Non-Silk Dress
If your dress isn’t silk, it will be wet-cleaned using a perc-free process. Your dress will be cleaned individually in a machine specially sized for wedding dresses, before being hung immediately and air-dried overnight. You will receive an email once your dress has finished its spa treatment.

If included, your veil and other accessories will be cleaned separately and by hand, to give priceless pieces the care they deserve. Veil combs and beading are covered to ensure they do not snag and tear the delicate fabric.

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Quality control is part of every stage, but Grazyna and Sonny will inspect your dress once again to see if all stains have been completely removed, beading is still firmly in place, and the hems are clean. Attending to every detail, we will also measure your dress before and after the cleaning process to ensure the same perfect fit.

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The Finishing Touches: Hand-finishing

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With a specialized ironing board, your dress is pressed, layer by layer. We take extra care to iron around delicate appliques and the bodice area.

Many cleaners will simply steam your wedding gown, often leaving wrinkles. We always press your dress by hand to ensure it looks pristine.

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The Big Reveal: The After Photo

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Before & After photos of your dress will be sent to you with a notification that the plant manager and Sonny have signed off on your dress. Your dress will then be professionally boxed in a special acid-free dress box.

Delivery to You

You will receive a final update email that your dress is being boxed with a shipping time frame. Your box will then be sent straight to your door!

The entire process, from us receiving your gown to it being meticulously treated and back into your loving arms takes 6-8 weeks.