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Frequently Asked Questions

Preservation and Cleaning

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Can I track the progress of my dress?

Yes! You will you receive emails (with before and after pictures) as the dress goes through the process.

What else can be preserved?

Everything you wore at your wedding or bachelorette party! This includes shoes, veils, hats, gloves, shawls, sashes, and garters, etc.

Will it look brand new?

Yes. There might be some discolouration on the hem if it was exceptionally dirty, but such permanent stains are rare.

Why do you repair the dress?

If repairs aren’t done, the dress might not survive the cleaning process. Loose beads, tears in the crinoline, and holes have the potential to worsen while the dress is cleanwashed — and might destroy the dress in the process.

What happens to the dress? What is the process?

Click here to see how dresses are cleaned and preserved!

How long will preservation last?

Your dress has a lifetime guarantee, so long as the box remains sealed and is only opened by an Association of Wedding Gowns Specialist cleaner.

Why a lifetime guarantee?

Your love lasts a lifetime, so why shouldn’t your dress?

How much will it cost?

Price depends on a number of factors, like how many items are being cleaned, the fabric and embellishment of the dress, and the amount of repair work involved. Our Supreme Preservation includes all costs associated with repairing, cleaning, and preserving the dress.

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How do I get my gown to you?

A very big sturdy box! When you order your dress preservation online, you’ll receive detailed shipping information. to address the box to Preserve Your Dress

What type of box is best to ship my gown?

You’ll want a box with solid cardboard, all seams taped down. Include any accessories that you want cleaned/preserved in the same box.

Are shipping costs included in the price? Do I have to pay them?

Shipping your dress to Preserve Your Dress is not covered. Return shipping to get the dress back to you is included in the price.


When should I send in my gown after the wedding?

The sooner, the better! The less time between the wedding and cleaning, the less time invisible sugar stains have had time to discolour your dress.

But if you waited awhile, don’t fret. Preserve Your Dress can fully restore a gown to like-new even after years.

How do I know you’ve received it?

You’ll receive an email once we have received your dress, letting you know it’s arrived safely.

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When should I expect my dress back?

Please allow six to eight weeks from when we receive the dress to when we finish. Shipping may add extra time.

Why does it take so long to get my dress back?

Craft and care take time. Most of the work of preserving a dress is done by hand, and we want to ensure your dress receives the best possible care.

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The Dress

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Is the dress visible once it’s boxed?

Yes, a viewing window is included in the box.

Can I specify if I want part of my dress (like the train) showcased in the box?

Yes, you can specify what you want visible in the window and our specialists will do our best to accommodate your request.

How are accessories organized in the box? Can I see them?

Unless you specify you want your accessories visible, they will be layered within the box in acid-free paper to ensure they maintain their pristine condition.

Is the dress sealed in the box?

Yes. This seal is what keeps oxygen out, which keeps your dress from discolouring over years.

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The Box

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Can I open the box?

No. Doing so will allow air inside and void the warranty. Handling the dress will get oil back on the fabric, leading to staining in the future!

I want to see my dress again. How can I?

You can take it to an Association of Wedding Gown Specialist cleaner for viewing at any time. Each cleaner part of the organization will honour the guarantee.

Do I have to do anything once it’s preserved? (special storage)

Keep the box away from direct sunlight and dampness. This can weaken the seal and oxidise the fabric.

Do I need to inspect the dress?

Nope! All the inspection is done before your dress leaves our facilities. As part of our process, you will receive “After” photos showing your dress in all its pristine glory, before it is expertly packaged and shipped. All you need to do is enjoy it.

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What If

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What if preservation ruins it?

Preserve Your Dress is committed to a high standard of care, which is why all dresses are repaired before they are cleaned. This eliminates the risk preservation will harm the dress.

What if the box becomes unintentionally damaged?

Bring it to an Association of Wedding Gown Specialist cleaner for a replacement box. All Association of Wedding Gown Specialist cleaners will honour the lifetime guarantee.

What if the dress starts to deteriorate after being preserved?

If you send it back to us, we’ll re-clean it as per the lifetime guarantee. You can also take it to any Association of Wedding Gown Specialist cleaner and they will re-clean it for you.

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What if I have other questions or concerns?

We’d be happy to answer them! Just send an email to info@preserveyourdress.com and we’ll get back to you.