Preservation 101: Why Preservation?

Preservation has multiple purposes in the wedding dress process, which is why many brides choose it (and many bridal party members or otherwise close friends give it as gifts!). After you’ve made so many memories with the dress and spent so long shopping, getting alterations, and wearing it for your wedding day, preservation allows you to revisit all the good memories without any of the stress! It also lets you treat the dress with extra special care, either for future generations or after an unexpected disaster seems to have ruined your dress.

Preserving the Love Story

Wedding pictures aren’t the only way to keep memories forever. Your dress is the centrepiece of many of those pictures— and you can preserve it to last just as long.

A wedding dress often represents everything about the wedding, and nothing shows off that declaration of love than preserving the dress.  As your love lasts a lifetime, you can look back on the dress that started your life together, still as beautiful as the day you wore it.

Future Daughters and Family Heirlooms

As the saying goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Heirloom wedding dresses can be the perfect ‘something old’ for a future daughter’s wedding, something that could mean the world to her.

You can create a new tradition for your family, giving your child the blessing of a dress that signifies the most first example of marriage in her life: her loving parents.

Restore a Dress

Weddings are a time of celebration… which can mean spills, sweat, and tears to a dress. The worst stains are those you can’t even see— they will eventually discolour a dress, creating brown spots. Sugar, white wine, and sweat stains can all end up discolouring a dress over time. Or, in the case of mud and red wine, immediately!

Browns has a wealth of experience in restoring dresses. Even a red wine stain is nothing in expert hands:

Once we’ve restored a dress, preserving it means the work put into saving it can be appreciated for a lifetime.

Why did you have your dress preserved? Let us know in the comments!


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