Silk & Lace & Embroidery, oh my!

Over the years as culture evolves, so much of what constitutes a wedding has changed.

Colour schemes change, our typical “first dance” music has changed, and how we document the big day has changed. One of the few constants, however, is how much importance we place on the dress. The beauty is often in the detail. As you’ve probably noticed, seldom will a seamstress spare the details when it comes to customizing the most important dress a woman will wear in her life!

There’s so many fascinating and complex fabrics and materials to choose from, but all of which require special care. Here is a sampling of these beautiful wedding dress material selections:


Silk is one of the most delicate and light fabric options for a gown. While sleek and sexy, the material is extremely fragile and requires careful maintenance as it damages and tears easily. Ideally you will not want a gown that touches the floor, as this thin, delicate material can easily fray. This is an excellent type of gown to wear for a summer wedding because of its light and airy feel.


Lace is one of the most timeless of dress materials. Brides have embraced it’s elegance for centuries. You can expect a romantic, embroidered look, and a delicate design to the touch. The look is noble, conservative and always stunning. Your choices with lace are endless.


Satin isn’t just for nightgowns and bed sheets. Many wedding gowns have been crafted with this soft and bright material. The shiny material will reflect light from candles and camera flashes famously, and it’s form-fitting texture will make you look slim, tender and beautifully feminine all day and night.


This elegant and dynamic material is thicker and stronger and adds a nice sense of support to last you through the day. Often a dress maker will layer this material three or more times to create a fantasy-princess style; the envy of little girls the world over. If you’re the dramatic bride looking to really make a statement, this is the perfect dress choice for you. The thicker nature of organza material makes it ideal for a fall or winter wedding when the temperature is cooler.


If there’s one thing we know here at PYD, its wedding dresses; no matter what the material. Our expert team can make adjustments to your dream dress, and preserve its perfection for a lifetime afterward. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details and reassurance today!


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