True Rustic Love. For all our country lovers, Rustic designs are in!

When it comes to weddings, what does rustic mean? Is it a trend or a style? It is definitely easy to say it is a new style of weddings and it is one of the hottest trends for styles right now! It makes our hearts throb with the creativity, elegance, beauty and unique looks it brings to the table. The rustic style loves to include burlap, cowboy boots, outdoorsy scenery, wood and so much more on your Wedding day. It adds a much more “personal” vibe at your wedding venue for you and your fiancé. From flowers, to table cloths, to name tags, to table sign-ins, you cannot go wrong with rustic.

An adorable rustic look for your venue are signs. It makes for great memories and keep sakes for after your dream wedding. Rustic style is all about wood. It is so natural looking and gives it that true country and simplistic feel. Your guests will have such an appreciation for all the effort and little details you add to your venue. For example, here is a great look at an idea for signs.

wooden rustic wedding and party table labels

Credit: renatas76 of Thinkstock

How sweet is that? A great way to keep your guests away from confusion and it can make for a gorgeous photo-op! This is a perfect idea for our upcoming outdoor weddings. If you are crafty, or marrying a very handy person, these signs can even be made at home!

If you loved our flower crown trend from our previous blog, we have the perfect flowers to match your flower crowns and your rustic theme. Not only will these make for gorgeous bouquets, but it makes for stunning table pieces and even for your desserts! Wondering what colors are in for this trend? Metallic colors! The deeper tones add for a perfect blend to complete your very own “rustic” feel for your venue. Not a fan of the deeper colors? No problem! We even have softer suggestions for your tone of colors. We want all our “rustic couples” to feel the shine and sparkle on their special day! Either of these tones create perfect pieces to your venue. If you are looking for something even more simple, do not be afraid to experiment with white accents. You can never have “too much” white on your wedding day. White against wood make for the perfect outdoor country wedding.

Our favorite look when it comes to the rustic trend, has to be all the nature trends. This brings the whole idea of having an outdoor “fairytale” wedding in the forest, come to reality! 2016 is taking rustic to a whole new level with nature inspired choices. From cement, to cork, to natural sticks and wood, to stone, to lots of natural greenery. If you haven’t chosen a theme yet for your wedding, this trend is definitely a must-try!

We would love to hear your ideas if you have an upcoming ‘rustic-styled’ wedding!


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