Why Preserve Your Dress with PYD?

Tying the knot is a magnificent moment in any bride’s life. Indefinitely you’ll reflect on this day for years to come.

But as much as we may try to freeze-frame the day in our mind’s eye forever, clinging to every fleeting moment for a lifetime isn’t easy.

That’s why so many of us seek tangible nostalgia to bring us back to that place – that place where stories were shared, memories were made, tastes, scents and smells of carefully orchestrated décor and cuisine were absorbed, and love overtook you in the most powerful way.

Photographs are a must. But, what could have more value than the dress you wore for the ceremony (sure you can hang onto your partner, too!).

Brides the world over are starting to pick up on the growing trend of dress preservation – a unique way to honour and encapsulate the most incredible day of your life in a tangible way, and to sustain the original beauty of your wedding dress for decades.

Whether you feel that you’ll have a family someday and would like to start a beautiful tradition of passing your dress on to the next generation, or you’re planning to sell your dress to recover some of the cost, every dress should be professionally cleaned and restored after a wedding.

Food and beverage stains may have found their way into the material during your big day (red and white wine being common culprits), sweat from dancing, grass or dirt stains from a creative outdoor photography session, or you may have accidently stepped on the hem and tore some of the seams of bustle. Preserving your dress starts by wiping the slate clean, and bringing your dress back to absolute perfection. When you preserve your dress, you guarantee the reversal of any existing damage.

Each dress is unique in its detail –from embroidery, to beading, to lace. Thus, each and every wedding dress we encounter is approached in its own unique way. Not an inch of fabric is touched without a meticulous and expert assessment.

We know what this dress means to you. Which is why we intend to preserve it for you forever – just as you intend to preserve your love.


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