Preserving a Fairy Tale

Girl-next-door stories are timeless tales that we all relate to. What’s more romantic than the average, ordinary girl meeting the love of her dreams right on her doorstep? However, this dream can feel a little unrealistic— sometimes it feels like the perfect partner is more likely to fall from the sky than move next door.

However, both parts are exactly what happened for one girl living in occupied France during World War Two.

The Germans shot down an American pilot over her region, forcing the pilot to go into hiding. He rolled up his parachute to avoid detection, hid on a farm, and waited. Like something straight out of a fairy tale, the girl next door fell in love with him.

They planned a wedding within the year, but didn’t forget his parachute, made of quality silk. To commemorate the beginning of their love story, her mother made her wedding dress out of the material and it quickly became an heirloom piece. The dress preserves their relationship.

Parachute Dress Front

The now 70-year-old gown is pristine again today, reflecting a twist of fate that brought two kindred souls together, thanks to Browns. Fifteen years ago Browns was asked to preserve this piece of history, commemorating a love story that bloomed out of a war torn region. The gown recently walked the runway at Ottawa’s Wedding Palace Bridal show, looking brand new!

Parachute Dress Back

It helps remind us that even in the face of the impossible, love can still be found where you think all is lost. You might not be so lucky as to have your partner drop out of the sky, but your wedding is still the next chapter in a romance novel set to become a classic.

If you have a particularly memorable meet-up story, share it in the comments! And if you want to read more about the Wedding Palace Bridal Show, see Jess P’s writeup here!


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